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Thank you for your interest in helping McLaren Greater Lansing transform care in our community through the Foundation’s Campaign for Care.

This project will redesign traditional care settings to build one of the safest, most efficient health care campuses.

But new facilities are only part of the transformation. McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation’s role is to help transform these facilities into true community assets, and that requires generosity.

Generosity funds the future. It provides the ability to innovate, to be creative, and to take advantage of opportunities we don’t even know exist today. It funds the technology of the future and the programs we don’t yet know we need.

Generosity transforms our culture. It moves us from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance. Through generosity, we stop saying “we can’t” and begin saying “we will.”

Finally, generosity heals. Philanthropic gifts will bring programs and services to McLaren Greater Lansing that will save lives, provide comfort, and promote healing. These programs and services will not exist except through community support.

Throughout this project, generosity will touch every part of the hospital. It will create a hospital, our hospital, with transformative impact on this community.

Your support is deeply appreciated.

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Why Philanthropy?

While McLaren is making a $600 million dollar investment in Greater Lansing, the Foundation is raising $10 million for the future. These funds will go toward patient comfort, programming, and technology that may not even exist yet. We're thankful to the Greater Lansing community for supporting the Foundation during this campaign.


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